First Alpaca Online Show

3nd International Alpaca Photoshow
September 17, 2022

The 2021 show is over, you can vote your audience choice here:

Winner Photoshow 2021

Trophies – what you can expect

As a winner, you will receive special ribbons and trophies. The winning photos will be posted on our Social Media Channels, as well as they will be shown on the big, german alpaca shows „Welt der Alpakas“ and „Alpakaschau Süd“. In the next AllesPaka magazine they will be printed. Of course every time your photo will be published, your farm name and further information that comes with the photo will be published alongside. 

The Judges 2021

Robin Näsemann, Alpaca Show Judge

His family breeds alpacas since 2003 near Münster, Germany. In the end of 2010 he began the education tob e an AOA Alpaca Show Judge, which he finished in 2013. Nowadays he has judged more than 20 Shows in the US, Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and in Germany.

Simone Hörmann, Photographer

She is a professional people and stylelife photographer. Wether to catch  a nice moment or a … photo idea. In the end her style is defined by astmospheric and vivid photos. At her parents farm she photographs the alpacas. As a reason of that she is very experienced in photographing alpacas. 

Philipp Dobler, Photographer

In his free time he is passionate about photography. He specialized in nature and animal motifs and attaches great importance to appealing picture compositions. Both the behavior and the appearance of alpacas inspire him again and again.

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